Host an Event:

Are you planning an event with Wooster alumni and friends in your area? Share your event details with us, and we’ll send you a Scot Spirit Kit to help bring the Fighting Scot spirit to your gathering. As a thank-you for showing pride in The College of Wooster and taking the time to host an event that brings the Wooster community together, we’ll send a Scot Spirit Kit at no cost to you!

Here’s what your Scot Spirit Kit will include:

  •  A Wooster sign
  •  Your choice of three swag items to share with your guests:
    •  Cocktail napkins
    •  Golf tees
    •  Wooster pins
    •  Keychains
    •  Drink koozies
    •  Coasters
  •  Blank nametags for attendees
  •  Sign-in sheet to track attendance
  •  Sharpies and pens

Determine the date, time, location, and a good idea of the number of guests before requesting. Submit your event details a minimum of three weeks prior to your event for U.S. Domestic and ten weeks for international addresses. This will allow enough time for processing and shipment of your package.

Note: Requests for Scot Spirit Kits for Commencement must be made no later than Monday, May 4, 2020 in order to allow for processing and shipping. We will do our best to ship your kit for arrival by Monday, May 11, 2020 but cannot guarantee on-time delivery due to extended shipping times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Submit Your Event Details


Tips for Planning Your Event:

  •  Define a goal – do you plan to simply gather to socialize or do you plan to network? Determining the goal will set the tone for the event.
  •  Determine your audience – who do you expect or want to attend? What might your audience want out of the event?
  •  Select a date and time, keeping in mind any holidays, school breaks, weather, and the type of event you are planning.
  •  Location/Venue – Select a location that individuals can easily travel to via various modes of transportation. Please keep ADA needs in mind when selecting the venue.
  •  Budget – Are you covering costs of the event? If there are fees for the gathering, keep costs low to encourage greater attendance.
  •  Solicit help from fellow alumni and friends to help organize and spread the word. The more the merrier!

Let us know who came to your event!

Following the event, send your guest list to

We would love to see photos from your event! Share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #ScotsGather.

Any questions? Contact Stephanie Marengere ’16, Alumni Programs Coordinator.