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Tuesday March 30
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
You shudder when you hear the word, but you realize that networking really does work and that you need to get out there and do it. Join us to review the basics of interviewing and walk away with more confidence, comfort, as well as several, not-too-risky strategies and tactics to use as you find and make those vital connections, on-line and in-person. This program is open to all Wooster alumni, parents, friends, and students. This event will highlight the expertise of Anne Shields. Anne Shields, MS, IFC, obtained a BA at Bates College and earned an MS at Western Illinois University, with courses in adolescent development, counseling, and higher education administration. She has led the career centers at Bowdoin, Davidson, and Carleton Colleges, Carnegie Mellon University, and the alumni career services program at the University of Rochester. A faculty member at the Institute of Life Coach Training, she teaches Job Search Coaching to other professionals. Anne has supported thousands of students and adults in discovering their strengths, setting their directions, and achieving their goals. She attributes her success to her skill at “listening between the lines” and being genuinely confident in others’ abilities to succeed. She dislikes networking but, realizes its importance, makes herself do it anyway.
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Networking for Introverts (and Others Who Dread It):
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