The Wooster Fund supports Mentored Undergraduate ResearchPresley celebrating turning in her IS

At many schools, having a mentored research experience in undergraduate school is considered unique, but not at Wooster! 

The mentorship experience starts from the moment each Wooster student sets foot on campus during their first year. This was no different for Presely Feezell ’19, a senior Art History and Anthropology double-major. 

“I think what defined my career at Wooster were the professors. Specifically, Professor Cosgriff in Art History and Professor Kardulias in Anthropology.” 

Presley “fell into” both her Anthropology and Art History majors after taking classes with the two professors. She kept signing up for classes they were teaching because she wanted to learn more from each of them. From there, she connected and developed a relationship with the two of them, past just being a student in their classroom. 

During her senior year, Presley pursued her Independent Study with Professor Cosgriff and Professor Kardulias as her advisors. 

“They were always there for me. They shaped my academic career, 100 percent. The I.S. experience is personal, but academically driven. You really get to know them and they really get to know you. That is one thing that I feel like I will always talk about when it comes to my Wooster experience,” Presley said. 

Thanks to you and your support of The Wooster Fund, the majority of our students have a story like Presley’s. With your help and loyalty, Wooster continues to foster an environment where students create close bonds with their professors and experience the power of having a mentored undergraduate research experience.

The Wooster Fund Allows Carlos to Experience all Wooster has to Offer

Dr. Goldberg and CarlosMeet Carlos Mejia '19 from San Diego, CA. His campus involvement includes: The Future Alumni Network, Proyecto Latino (or OLAS), Club Soccer, Delta Chi Delta, Resident Assistant, Let's Taco About It, NSSHLA, WFEA, and work as a Research Assistant.

"I have loved my time here at Wooster, and I am grateful for the experiences I have made. I will never get tired of explaining why I choose to move to Wooster when people realize I am from San Diego, California. Being part of Campus Life enhances my Wooster experience. it’s been [a] journey... seeing myself as a leader but I think it’s pushed me to be there for other people. I don’t feel like I would have done that anywhere else but here just because of how open people are to new ideas. Wooster really has helped get me where I am today because there have been people who have been cheering me on for quite some time." 

When you make a gift to The Wooster Fund, you enable even more students to take advantage of all of the opportunities Wooster has to offer. Thank you for your support of our students! 


The Wooster Fund Makes Experiential Learning Possible for Haylee

Kaylee Painting on a wallThe Princeton Review's Best 382 Colleges says, "Mentoring is a huge focal point of Wooster's academics, and the resources are endless for those looking to take advantage of things like numerous opportunities for research and internships." Wooster is ranked in the top 10 in their Best Schools for Internships, Most Accessible Professors, and Students Study the Most lists, and also featured in Colleges That Pay You Back.

Haylee Maude, a Wooster senior majoring in English was a fellow with APEX (Advising, Planning, and Experiential Learning) at Jubilee Arts in Baltimore, MD. In Haylee's words, here is why your support of The Wooster Fund has made such an impact on her Wooster experience.

"Experiential learning is extremely important because it allows the opportunity to take the skills acquired within the classroom and apply them to the 'real world.'  As an education student, the only way to truly learn how to teach effectively is by practicing on real people, hence why it is so important to me. Although I am majoring in English, I absolutely love art, and it is something I have always been good at. The prospect of working with professional artists to paint murals was an incredible opportunity that I could not pass up...Jubilee is an incredible organization and I was excited to witness all that went on behind the scenes."

When asked why this opportunity was important to her, Haylee responded, "This internship was an extremely important part of my Wooster experience, and I would not have been able to do it without the financial support. It reinforced my plans for the future and increased my confidence in teaching in urban areas. It was my one opportunity to work in an art-related field before I graduate, and for that, I am extremely grateful."

Thank you for your investment in The Wooster Fund - you make these formative experiences possible for students. 

 The Wooster Fund Makes the Wooster Experience Possible for Paulo

Paulo in front of Severance Science

Paulo Nunes, a rising Junior at Wooster is a perfect example of the importance of your loyal, collective giving. 

Paulo is from nearby Apple Creek, Ohio. Gifts to The Wooster Fund support Financial Aid and allowed Paulo his dream of attending Wooster. Financial Aid has made his Wooster experience possible. Paulo recalls, “When searching for colleges I always dreamed of staying close to home and attending The College of Wooster, but because of the cost of tuition, didn’t have any real intentions of enrolling, despite Wooster being my #1 choice. I applied to numerous colleges that had lower “sticker” tuitions, never really loving any of them. When I visited Wooster the sense of community, and the character of the professors really impressed me. Once I received my financial aid package and realized that coming to Wooster was an actual possibility, I knew it was the perfect place and community for me.”

Your gifts to The Wooster Fund, which support student organizations, give Paulo leadership experience as an active member of the Pre-Health Club and the Wooster Volunteer Network.

Like Paulo, students will continue to realize the benefit of your generosity, both now and in the future. 


The Wooster Fund Supports Collaboration on Campus

Group looking at computerAs you may have read in the most recent issue of Wooster magazine, Professor Jennifer Hayward, co-chair of the Department of English, is leading a team tasked with digitizing English-language newspapers published in Chile in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Along with Professor Hayward, the team includes Catie Newton, the College’s digital curation librarian, and Jacob Heil, Wooster’s digital scholarship librarian and director of its Collaborative Research Environment (CoRE), and thirty Wooster students. A grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation allowed Newton and Heil to hire these students to assist them in digitizing these newspapers and support Professor Hayward’s research. As part of this project, the team has also created a website to serve as a digital museum of sorts.

Through their involvement in this digital humanities project, Wooster’s students were able to gain critical thinking skills as they worked together to decipher the best way to tackle the project. Most importantly, students were exposed to the process of interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork and learned to execute a project by leveraging each individual’s strengths effectively

Professor Hayward states, “Collaboration between faculty and library staff is essential to the digital humanities, because we seek to create public-facing projects with maximum use value for a wide range of audiences. I am thrilled to be able to include students in this digital humanities project. I am deeply grateful for financial support that enables Humanities faculty to engage the next generation of global citizens in our research.

The Wooster Fund, which is a priority of Wooster’s Promise: A Campaign for Our Future, also supports these types of collaborative experiences. Not only does your gift to The Wooster Fund benefit the College’s libraries and the work that they do, but it also allows Wooster’s students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of collaborative interdisciplinary opportunities as they arise. Support of The Wooster Fund helps the College recruit and retain talented faculty like Jennifer Hayward, who inspire, encourage, and challenge our students, and helps to make grants from funding entities like the Mellon Foundation more attainable by demonstrating your commitment to the College in the most tangible way. 

The opportunity for students to collaborate with faculty and staff is one of many experiences that make The College of Wooster a transformative place to teach and learn. We are grateful for your support!