Alumni Board

The Alumni Board is an elected advisory group of The Alumni Association of The College of Wooster. The Alumni Board participates in meetings and a variety of activities to support students, alumni, and the mission of the College.

If you are interested in nominating a fellow alumna/us to serve on the Alumni Board, please complete the online alumni leadership form or contact the Assistance Vice President for Alumni and Family Engagement by phone at 330-263-2533.

If you wish to contact an Alumni Board member, please email the Assistant Vice President for Alumni and Family Engagement, Thomas McArthur.

Current Alumni Board Members

Christine Farrell  
Ken Aldridge Bruce E. Bigelow
Sue Curie Briss Jamie Christensen
Mary Culnan  Jade Davis
 Mary Beidler Gearen  Michelle Pagano Heck
 Casey Henderson  Marj Kramer
 Mike Lauber  Jim Maiwurm
 Becca Niemeyer Karl Penn
Erika Poethig Courter Shimeall
Dempsey Simonis Lisa Skeens
Angie Triplett Nate Whitfield
John Wilson