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Class Year Social Media Accounts

*PLEASE NOTE: The following links go to unofficial pages. These links are provided for the convenience of our alumni, and the views and opinions expressed in these pages are strictly those of their respective page/group members. If you wish to have your Facebook group/page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn group, Flickr photos, or Blog included in our list, please email

Class Year   Link to social media sites
Class of 1964 Facebook Page
Class of 1967 Facebook Page
Class of 1968 Facebook Group
Class of 1975 Facebook Group
Class of 1976 Facebook Group
Class of 1977 Facebook Group
Class of 1980 Facebook Group
Class of 1982 Facebook Group
Class of 1983   Facebook Group 
Class of 1985 Facebook Group
Class of 1986 Facebook Group
Class of 1987 Facebook Page
Class of 1990 Facebook Group
Class of 1992 Facebook Page
Class of 1993 Facebook Group
Class of 1994 Facebook Group 
Class of 1995 Facebook Group
Class of 1996 Facebook Group
Class of 2000 Facebook Group
Class of 2001 Facebook Page
Class of 2002 Facebook Group
Class of 2005 Facebook Group
Class of 2009 Facebook Page
Class of 2010  Facebook Group 
Regional Area Alumni   
Washington, DC Facebook Group
Columbus, Ohio Facebook Group


Campus Related Social Media Accounts Links to social media sites
College of Wooster Facebook | Twitter | Youtube
College of Wooster Alumni Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Flickr
College of Wooster Young Alumni Facebook
Wooster In India Facebook
College of Wooster Off Campus Study Alumni Facebook
WCWS Radio Alumni   Facebook
Florence O. Wilson Bookstore Facebook
College of Wooster Art Museum Facebook
College of Wooster Libraries  Facebook | Twitter 
College of Wooster Sustainability Facebook | Blog
Interfaith Campus Ministries Facebook
March to the Arch, GOLD Challenge Facebook | Twitter
Academic Departments & Programs Links to social media sites
Biology Department  Facebook
English Department Facebook | LinkedIn
Philosophy Department Facebook
Geology Department Facebook
German Department Facebook
Political Science Department Facebook
Department of Sociology and Anthropology Facebook
Theatre & Dance Facebook
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Facebook
Spanish Facebook | Instagram
English Twitter
German Facebook | Instagram
Russian Facebook | Instagram
French and Francophone Studies Facebook
Clubs & Activities Links to social media sites
Going True: Wooster GLBT Alumni & Friends Collective Facebook | Wordpress
W.A.C. Facebook
WOO 91 Facebook
College of Wooster Pipe Band Facebook
The Voice Facebook
ISAN (International Student Alumni Network) Facebook
Legal Alumni of Wooster  LinkedIn Group
The College of Wooster: Black Alumni Council Facebook
Second Section  Yahoo Group
Athletics Links to social media sites
College of Wooster's Men's Soccer Alumni Facebook Page
College of Wooster's Men's Lacrosse Alumni Facebook Group
College of Wooster Field Hockey Alumni Facebook Group
College of Wooster Women's Basketball Alumni Facebook Group
College of Wooster Swimming Alumni Club Facebook Group
College of Wooster Athletics Facebook Page | Twitter