Alumni Groups

Alumni often form special groups around a particular identity, shared area of interest, or career focus. The Office of Alumni and Family Engagement provides active groups with organizational support in an effort to connect alumni with each other and strengthen the global alumni network.

If you are interested in starting a new affinity group, please take a look at these steps to get started.  If you would like to propose an alumni group, please submit this form.

Below are active groups that the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement currently supports. 

Wooster LGBTQ+ Alumni and Allies

Launched in 2017, this group seeks to build a stronger community of LGBTQ+ Alumni and Allies through regional gatherings, Alumni Weekend forums, and assembling a multi-generational history of the LGBTQ+ experience at Wooster. We support Wooster's current LGBTQ+ students by collaborating with activities of the campus' Center for Diversity and Inclusion (such as the annual Lavender Celebration), and helping to secure additional resources to endow scholarships for these students.

For more information, click here.

Black Alumni Council

The Black Alumni Council (BAC) is an alumni organization whose purpose of the Black Alumni Council is to:

    • Improve the Black student experience at The College of Wooster;
    • Enhance the opportunities available to Black students who attend The College of Wooster, before, during, and after graduation;
    • Create a vehicle for on-going communication and interaction among Black alumni.

If you are interested in participating on the Black Alumni Council, please complete the form.

Legal Alumni of Wooster (LAW)

The Legal Alumni of Wooster (LAW) develops relationships and fosters connections between the College of Wooster, its students, and its legal alumni and friends. LAW supports the College of Wooster’s pre-law curriculum and programs, promotes the advancement of Wooster's aspiring lawyers, and provides information and mentoring to Wooster students. LAW also assists and empowers Wooster graduates working in the legal field by connecting them with other Wooster legal alumni and friends. LAW is a partner in the pre-law program's goals of preparing students to become competent and ethical lawyers. LAW's primary goals are to:

    • Establish and cultivate relationships between Wooster students and Wooster legal alumni and friends through communications, programs, and services. 
    • Serve as a complimentary resource and partner to the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement for students and alumni interested in the study and practice of law. 
    • Identify and motivate alumni volunteers to raise scholarship funds and foster student recruitment at the College of Wooster. 
    • Support and assist the pre-law program, including the Wooster Moot Court Team. 
    • Promote and enable communication and networking among Wooster’s legal alumni, and foster a spirit of cooperation, communication and fellowship among alumni through continued affiliation with the college. 
    • Recognize outstanding achievement by Wooster pre-law students, faculty and legal alumni.

Opportunities to volunteer include participating in Moot Court, mentoring current pre-law Wooster students, and mentoring Wooster graduates.

If you are intersted in joining LAW, please submit the form here.

You can also connect online to the Legal Alumni of Wooster LinkedIn group.

Military Alumni of Wooster

Military Alumni of Wooster is an affinity group, founded by recent graduates, that is aimed at connecting alumni serving in the military, supporting on-campus programming, and honoring the College’s long connection to our country’s armed forces.

If you would like to join the group or learn more, please fill out this form.


Latinx Community

Do you identify as a member of the Latinx Community?

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement has received several requests from students to connect with members of the Latinx community. If you are interested in learning more, or connecting with, our Latinx student/alumni community, please fill out this form and we will keep you posted of future developments, and ways to engage.


For more information regarding Alumni Groups, please contact Sharon Rice '90. If you are interested in creating an alumni group, please submit this form.