Volunteer in your region.

Enhance the overall power of your global alumni network in your area by serving as a Regional Volunteer. Help with event planning, marketing and outreach to classmates. 


Become a class officer. 

Represent your classmates and act as a liaison between your class and the College. 


Join affinity-based leadership groups. 

Bring your voice to the Black Alumni Council, Going True (Wooster's LGBTQ alliance), the International Student Alumni Network, or the Legal Alumni of Wooster Group. 


Serve as a reunion volunteer. 

Help with event planning, marketing, and outreach to classmates. At reunion, introduce speakers, serve on panels, provide entertainment and music, minister at the Sunday worship service, and more. 


Attend or host alumni-student networking events.

Assist with venue selection, provide welcome remarks, and serve as an inspiration and guide for new generations of Scots. 


Connect with WooLink. 

Refer job openings and internships to WooLink, our online career development database for the Wooster community.


Become an online ambassador. 

Help us tell our digital story. Follow, like, post, or re-tweet Wooster content. Provide strategic insight for social media campaigns. Give feedback on the content and design of the Wooster website.


Join the Scots Career Network on LinkedIn

Students reach out to alumni for advice and support as they build their own professional networks and prepare for their career. Provide informational interviews, resume reviews and answer industry-specific questions.


Be an alumni admissions advocate.

Identify, recruit and help select the next class of Scots by attending college fairs, interviewing prospective students and congratulating admitted students.


Host an I.S. Monday celebration.

Host and attend an IS Monday Celebration in your region. Celebrate the most intense, revelatory and rewarding experience of your academic life. And come prepared to enjoy lots of Tootsie Rolls. 




Judge a student competition. 

Serve as a competition judge for various on- campus student competitions. Share your career expertise and guidance with students.


Mentor APEX Fellows.

Become a professional APEX mentor to a Summer Fellow or a current intern.  Thanks to APEX, our students are participating in experiential education all over the globe. Meet them in your city, share a meal or a cup of tea, and help them make the most of their opportunity.


Host a Black & Gold Dinner. 

Share your career path, advice, and insights over a meal with a small group of students at a Black & Gold Dinner. Hosts are often supported by a member of the APEX administration to facilitate meaningful dialogue and enriching connections.


Be featured in a WooLive: Alumni Talk.

Offer your professional expertise on a WooLive: Alumni Talks panel, or individually with students interested in your eld. Share hiring trends and advice about your industry and job, either when you are visiting campus or virtually, including our TEDx inspired speaker series.


Build student interview skills.

Teach professional interviewing skills to current students through hour-long, structured mock interview sessions, complete with suggested questions and evaluations.

"I volunteer for Wooster because I want to be engaged with fellow alumni in being a part of the College as it is today. I want to have fun, and more importantly, I want to know that I am supporting an enterprise that I believe in and feel passionate about. I want to make a difference."

-Barry Eisenberg '85
2015 John D. McKee Alumni Volunteer Award

Do any of these volunteer opportunities interest you? If so, contact us, and we'll get you more information.