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100 Years of "Bravo!"
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The Keys to Success

Alumni entrepreneurs share advice on their winning strategies

Bill Townsend '86
To say that Bill Townsend wrote the book on entrepreneurship is neither metaphor nor hyperbole. And for each of the 15 companies he has created or co-founded, he can tell you the backstory—a problem that needed solving, a mentor who inspired, a viewpoint that was recalibrated. Read more

Jill Chokey Ramsier '95
Business economics major Jill Ramsier remembers the evening about four years ago that her ideas about wine production took a quantum leap. Read more.

Sundaram Tagore '84
When Wooster Magazine caught up with Sundaram Tagore at his gallery in New York, he had just returned the day before from Singapore, where another of his galleries is located. Read more.

Johanna Tilbury '77
For quite some time, Johanna Tilbury ’77 has been paying close attention to what it means to have a fulfilled life—both in herself and in others. Read more.