On-Campus Lodging

Housing Headquarters

Reunion class members will be housed together in residence halls as space permits. On-campus lodging in the residence halls is complimentary for the Classes of 1964 and earlier (Scots Forever classes). Listed below are the housing headquarters for each reunion class:

*Gault Manor – 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960
*Luce Hall – 1965
Holden Hall – 1970 and 1975
Douglass Hall – 1980 and 1985
Babcock Hall – 1990
Compton Hall – 1995 and 2000
Kenarden Lodge – 2005 and 2010
*Buildings are air conditioned

Cost and Availability

The cost for on-campus lodging is $40 per room, per night (unless you are in the 50th class or a Scots Forever class). The lodging is assigned on a first-come, first served basis and reservations must be made in advance of the weekend. If your class headquarters reaches maximum capacity before you are able to reserve a room, we will phone you to discuss your other on-campus lodging options. Rooms are available beginning at noon on Thursday through 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Room Furnishings and Amenities

Most of the on-campus rooms are equipped with desks, dressers, and two twin beds (unbunked). Please remember that while our accommodations are adequate, they are certainly not as comfortable as a full-service hotel. Linens are provided only at the beginning of the weekend and are not freshly replenished each day. Laundry facilities are available in each of the residence halls. Please also note that elevators are only available in some of our residence halls. To help you with your planning and packing, listed below are the items that are provided…and not provided…in on-campus lodging.


Beds, desks, dressers 
Three bath towels
Bed sheets 
One blanket
One pillow with pillowcase 
Three washcloths


Irons/Ironing boards 
Clothes hangers (except in Gault Manor and Luce Hall)
Air conditioning (except in Gault Manor and Luce Hall)
Alarm clocks 
Mattress pads
Coffee makers 
Drinking cups
Private bathrooms 
Shampoo, soap, etc. 
Reading lamps

Special Housing Notes

There is a place on the Alumni Weekend reservation form (paper and online) to indicate any special housing needs/requests. Here are some additional quick facts about housing:

Individuals attending the reunion will not be assigned a roommate!

  • If you wish to room with/next to someone specific, all parties need to indicate this on their forms.If you bring a care attendant or sitter, s/he can stay in the room next to yours at no cost.
  • We do our best to put families near other families.
  • If you have any health concerns that relate to your housing placement, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 330/263-2533 or alumni@wooster.edu.