Legal Alumni of Wooster (L.A.W)

The Legal Alumni of Wooster Society (LAW) develops relationships and fosters connections between the College of Wooster, its students, and its legal alumni and friends. LAW supports the College of Wooster’s pre-law curriculum and programs, promotes the advancement of Wooster's aspiring lawyers, and provides information and mentoring to Wooster students. LAW also assists and empowers Wooster graduates working in the legal field by connecting them with other Wooster legal alumni and friends. LAW is a partner in the pre-law program's goals of preparing students to become competent and ethical lawyers. LAW's primary goals are to: 

  1. Establish and cultivate relationships between Wooster students and Wooster legal alumni and friends through communications, programs, and services. 
  2. Serve as a complimentary resource and partner to the Wooster Alumni Office for students and alumni interested in the study and practice of law. 
  3. Identify and motivate alumni volunteers to raise scholarship funds and foster student recruitment at the College of Wooster. 
  4. Support and assist the pre-law program, including the Wooster moot court team. 
  5. Promote and enable communication and networking among Wooster’s legal alumni, and foster a spirit of cooperation, communication and fellowship among alumni through continued affiliation with the college. 
  6. Recognize outstanding achievement by Wooster pre-law students, faculty and legal alumni.

Get Involved and Get Connected!

Opportunities to volunteer include participating in Moot Court, mentoring current pre-law Wooster students, and mentoring Wooster graduates.

You can also connect online to the Legal Alumni of Wooster LinkedIn group.

Read the Legal Alumni of Wooster Society (LAW) Summer 2014 Newsletter.

Steering Committee:

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick IV, Esq. (class of 2002)
Economist, Community Development
The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Vanessa (Georgeson) Myers (class of 2005)
Associate, Berry & Berry, PLLC

Eric Grinnell (class of 2009)
Associate Attorney, Smith Marshall LLP

David Holmes (class of 1970)
Attorney, Karen L. Lawrence, Law Office

Michael Anne Johnson (class of 1968)
Retired Assistant U. S. Attorney, United States Department of Justice

Lauren Mogavero (class of 2008)
Law Student at Notre Dame Law School

John Obery (class of 2010)
Attorney (Associate) at Law Offices of David L. Bell, Esq.

Alexa Roggenkamp (class of 2010)
Student at The College of William and Mary - Marshall Wythe Law School

Mike Ruttinger (class of 2005)
Associate at Tucker Ellis LLP
Cleveland, OH

Brian Sites, Chair (class of 2003)
Assistant Professor at Barry University School of Law

Rick Sites (class of 1970)
General Counsel and Senior Director of Health Policy
Ohio Hospital Association
Columbus, OH