Stock Certificate Transfer

Donors who wish to transfer stock that is held in certificate form should use the following procedure:

1. Obtain a stock power form from your broker or bank officer.

2. Sign the stock power exactly the same as your name appears on the stock certificate, and have the broker or bank officer guarantee your signature. This must be a "medallion signature guarantee."  (A notarized signature does not qualify.)

3. Mail the stock power in a separate envelope to the following address.

4. Put the unsigned stock certificate with a letter designating the purpose of the gift in one envelope and mail to:

Development Office
The College of Wooster
1101 N Bever Street
Wooster OH 44691-2363

You may wish to send the certificate(s) via registered mail.

Note:  Only one stock power form is required for transferring multiple stock certificates of the same company.

When the College receives the stock certificate(s) and the stock power, we will call the donor to advise that his or her gift is in hand.  A receipt, indicating the exact dollar amount of the gift, will be sent in a few days.

For security reasons, we suggest that a stock power form be used to assign ownership and that the stock certificate(s) and the stock power be mailed in separate envelopes.