The International Student-Alumni Network (ISAN) is an informal group of current and former international students at The College of Wooster. Eventually, ISAN will seek to become a formal Special Interest Group of the Alumni Association. 

ISAN’s long-term objectives are:
  • to ensure a vibrant and active international student presence on campus;
  • to enhance the opportunities available to international students before and after graduation; and
  • to encourage meaningful interaction among international alumni and to actively engage the international alumni community with the College of Wooster

ISAN intends to achieve each of these objectives through the following activities:

1. To ensure a vibrant and active international student presence on campus:

  • By greater involvement in the international student admission process (for example, through student/alumni outreach to target populations in their countries of origin)
  • By raising awareness of international student retention issues (for example, through understanding the implications of financial aid on international student numbers)
  • By recognizing international student achievement (for example, through encouraging efforts like the International Student Recognition Dinner)
  • By encouraging international student impact on campus (for example, through support of international-oriented student organizations such as the International Student Association, South Asia Committee, etc.)

2. To enhance the opportunities available to international students before and after graduation:

  • By raising awareness of international alumni achievement on campus (for example, through greater international alumni presence on campus)
  • By providing mentorship opportunities between students and alumni (for example, through the creation of an informal career mentoring network/website)
  • By communicating specific international student career development needs to the appropriate campus entity (for example, working with Career Services)

3. To encourage meaningful communication and interaction among international alumni:

  • By creating a forum for networking among international alumni (for example, through the setting up of a mailing list or blog)
  • By enhancing international alumni participation in all alumni activities (for example, through international alumni presence on the Alumni Board)
  • By raising awareness of international student issues among the international alumni community (for example, through regular student-alumni interaction at Homecoming)
  • By encouraging international alumni contribution to the Wooster community (for example, through increased participation in the Wooster Fund)

The above list of objectives is aspirational in nature. For the immediate term, ISAN will focus its efforts on a more limited set of goals. Specifically, current students have identified objective (2) as an area of immediate need. As the organization evolves, we will focus on the full list of objectives.