ISAN Motivation


The College of Wooster has a long and distinguished history of attracting and supporting a vibrant international student community on campus. International students bring diversity and rich culture to the campus community. On campus, they are active contributors and participants in campus life, leading several student organizations. As alumni, many return to their home countries to become stewards of Wooster for a lifetime. Those that stay in the United States go on to lead distinguished careers and are among the most recognizable of Wooster alumni.

Over time, members of the Wooster community have come to recognize that international students have unique needs on campus and upon graduation. As students in a foreign land, these students often lack the informal family networks that can serve as a “safety net” in hard times. Often, international students are subject to an ever-changing body of immigration regulations that cause singular challenges in securing career development experiences like internships and entry-level professional positions. Upon graduation, many international students move to major cities in the United States, living away from college support networks for the first time.

We believe that international alumni can serve as an informal support network for students at the College. Having previously been international students at the College, international alumni are in a unique position to understand student concerns, brainstorm potential solutions and possibly even mobilize resources to meet their needs.  We also believe that international alumni can benefit significantly from networking with each other and by participating more actively in alumni activities.  For these reasons, we have decided to create an International Student Alumni Network (ISAN) at the College of Wooster.

It is important to note that ISAN recognizes that excellent resources already exist on campus to meet international student needs. We acknowledge the important role that these entities play in improving the international student experience and understand the many constraints that they must operate under. Our goal is merely to complement the activities of these resources, and to make constructive suggestions where possible. As ISAN obtains a critical mass and starts to grow, our goal is to work closely with these resources to ensure the best possible experience for international students at The College of Wooster.

Please Note: This document is a work in progress, and should be read and reacted to with that caveat in mind. We welcome your comments and input.