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 BethGreiveAdams Adams (Greive), BethAdams (Greive), BethAlumni Weekend 20172007
 EmilyAlbuAlbu Albu, EmilyAlbu, EmilyAlumni Weekend 20171967
 CarolMyersAllison Allison (Myers), CarolAllison (Myers), CarolAlumni Weekend 20171967
(guest of Allison, Carol)
Allison, James
(guest of Allison, Carol)
Allison, JamesAlumni Weekend 2017
 SusanAndersonAnderson Anderson, SusanAnderson, SusanAlumni Weekend 20171967
 HughAngertAngert Angert, HughAngert, HughAlumni Weekend 20171967
(guest of Angert, Hugh)
Angert, Sue
(guest of Angert, Hugh)
Angert, SueAlumni Weekend 2017
 RonoldoAppletonAppleton Appleton, RonoldoAppleton, RonoldoAlumni Weekend 20172008
 AdamArtmanArtman Artman, AdamArtman, AdamAlumni Weekend 20172007
 TimothyAustinAustin Austin, TimothyAustin, TimothyAlumni Weekend 20171987
 JenniferBondBaitinger Baitinger (Bond), JenniferBaitinger (Bond), JenniferAlumni Weekend 20171992
(guest of Mann, John)
Baldwin, Tama
(guest of Mann, John)
Baldwin, TamaAlumni Weekend 2017
 jamesballball ball, jamesball, jamesAlumni Weekend 20171967
(guest of ball, james)
ball, Katie
(guest of ball, james)
ball, KatieAlumni Weekend 2017
 GretchenMayerBard Bard (Mayer), GretchenBard (Mayer), GretchenAlumni Weekend 20171957
 KatyBaronBaron Baron, KatyBaron, KatyAlumni Weekend 20172007
 Zuri RoseBaronBaron Baron, Zuri RoseBaron, Zuri RoseAlumni Weekend 20172012
 MarthaEagletonBegalla Begalla (Eagleton), MarthaBegalla (Eagleton), MarthaAlumni Weekend 20171967
 Cathy (Cat)Belteau
(guest of Taylor, Philip)
Belteau, Cathy (Cat)
(guest of Taylor, Philip)
Belteau, Cathy (Cat)Alumni Weekend 2017
 AmyStroudBensen Bensen (Stroud), AmyBensen (Stroud), AmyAlumni Weekend 20171992
(guest of Graham, Bill)
Bentley, Nancy
(guest of Graham, Bill)
Bentley, NancyAlumni Weekend 2017
 TrishaFultzBlast Blast (Fultz), TrishaBlast (Fultz), TrishaAlumni Weekend 20172012
 MegArmstrongBoucher Boucher (Armstrong), MegBoucher (Armstrong), MegAlumni Weekend 2017
 DeniseBreyleyBreyley Breyley, DeniseBreyley, DeniseAlumni Weekend 20171977
 JoyBronsonBronson Bronson, JoyBronson, JoyAlumni Weekend 20172007
 WilliamBlossomBrown Brown (Blossom), WilliamBrown (Blossom), WilliamAlumni Weekend 20171972
 AnnetteCoureyBrown Brown (Courey), AnnetteBrown (Courey), AnnetteAlumni Weekend 20171977
(guest of Brown, John)
Brown, Cindy
(guest of Brown, John)
Brown, CindyAlumni Weekend 2017
 JohnBrownBrown Brown, JohnBrown, JohnAlumni Weekend 20171977
(guest of Brown, Annette)
Brown, William
(guest of Brown, Annette)
Brown, WilliamAlumni Weekend 2017
(guest of Brynelson, Wade)
Brynelson, Nancy
(guest of Brynelson, Wade)
Brynelson, NancyAlumni Weekend 2017
 WadeBrynelsonBrynelson Brynelson, WadeBrynelson, WadeAlumni Weekend 20171967
 JamesBushBush Bush, JamesBush, JamesAlumni Weekend 20172012
 KarenRoemerCarl Carl (Roemer), KarenCarl (Roemer), KarenAlumni Weekend 20171987
 BrianCarlCarl Carl, BrianCarl, BrianAlumni Weekend 20171987
 JuneKrejcuCarter Carter (Krejcu), JuneCarter (Krejcu), JuneAlumni Weekend 20171957
 LindaMcGranahanCausey Causey (McGranahan), LindaCausey (McGranahan), LindaAlumni Weekend 20171957
 SaraKetchumChambers Chambers (Ketchum), SaraChambers (Ketchum), SaraAlumni Weekend 20171967
(guest of Chambers, Sara)
Chambers, Bill
(guest of Chambers, Sara)
Chambers, BillAlumni Weekend 2017
 JaneArndtChittick Chittick (Arndt), JaneChittick (Arndt), JaneAlumni Weekend 20171962
(guest of Chittick, Jane)
Chittick, David
(guest of Chittick, Jane)
Chittick, DavidAlumni Weekend 2017
 KathrynDemmonCilimburg Cilimburg (Demmon), KathrynCilimburg (Demmon), KathrynAlumni Weekend 20171957
(guest of Craig, Chris)
Ciriegio, Carolyn
(guest of Craig, Chris)
Ciriegio, CarolynAlumni Weekend 2017
 JeffClapacsClapacs Clapacs, JeffClapacs, JeffAlumni Weekend 20172007
 RachelRenkesConcitis Concitis (Renkes), RachelConcitis (Renkes), RachelAlumni Weekend 20172002
(guest of Concitis, Rachel)
Concitis, Robert
(guest of Concitis, Rachel)
Concitis, RobertAlumni Weekend 2017
 ChrisCraigCraig Craig, ChrisCraig, ChrisAlumni Weekend 20172007
 ElizabethBallardCrawford Crawford (Ballard), ElizabethCrawford (Ballard), ElizabethAlumni Weekend 20171977
 DaveCummingsCummings Cummings, DaveCummings, DaveAlumni Weekend 20171972