Benefactor Societies

Wooster’s benefactor societies recognize the vision, leadership, and dedication of loyal and generous donors who have made significant lifetime gifts to the College and whose support has created a culture of philanthropy that will benefit students and the College for years to come.  

The James Reed Society 
The James Reed Society recognizes donors whose cumulative giving to the College, over the course of their lifetimes, is $1 million and more. The Society is named for the Presbyterian minister and trustee who, while pausing on a hilltop in 1865, envisioned it as the perfect location for a college. Reed’s conviction, devotion, and perseverance led to the formal incorporation of Wooster as an institution of higher education on December 18, 1866.   

The Howard Lowry Society 
The Howard Lowry Society recognizes donors whose cumulative giving over the course of their lifetimes to the College is $250,000 to $999,999. The Society honors the College’s 7th president who served Wooster for 23 years. President Lowry’s understanding of the liberal arts and vision for Wooster, especially his introduction of the Independent Study program, has impacted the lives of generations of students and faculty members.