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In honor the celebration of the sesquicentennial of the founding of The College of Wooster, the Office of Alumni Engagement is hosting this blog to share stories about alumni, the Campus Community, Wooster's rich history, and more. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the blog, please feel free to contact Digital Engagement Specialist Sally Ladrach. Go Scots!

Blog Posts

#WooLove- Happy Valentine's Day!
Get more information on how we're celebrating #WooLove in the month of February, including details about our photo contest. 

How the Class of 1970 is Re-Defining "Retirement"
The Class of 1970 requested to do a survey to see what their classmates were up to at retirement age. Of about 40 responses, this is what we found. The results might surprise you!

Project 150: Episodes 5 & 6
Take a listen to the next installment of Project 150! Barbara Sullivan '81 and Nan Johnson '81 talk about their struggles and antics during their college years, while Betty Doty, a retired staff member, recalls her very important responsibilities as the face of the Lowry information desk. 

Project 150: Episodes 3 & 4
AMRE Students recorded and produced a series of brief podcast interviews to celebrate the 150th anniversary of The College of Wooster. In these episodes, we hear from Don '51 and Mina ('53) Van Cleef, and Avery Head '66 and Sandi Weckesser '66.

150 Stories for 150 Years of the College of Wooster- Episodes 1 & 2

As a unique AMRE summer consulting project for the Alumni Board, this student team was tasked with recording and producing a series of brief podcast interviews with alumni, faculty and other members of The College of Wooster to feature online in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of Wooster's founding.

An Introduction
Welcome to the #Woo150 Blog!