Wooster Twitter 100

Have you ever wondered who among Wooster alumni are on Twitter? The Twitter-verse is full of active, engaged alumni representing a broad range of professions and interests.

Don't see yourself here, or know of someone who should be? Please tweet your Twitter handle to @WoosterAlumni

Adel El-Adawy '11: @AdelAdawy

Next Generation Fellow @ Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Ken Aldridge '90: @kea4edu 

School leader and educator. May your life preach louder than your lips. Let your lives speak.

Sue Appleton '84: @coralsue3

Class of 1984, librarian, mother of 3 beautiful girls.

Niccole Atwell '00: @NCAplaid

@CarnegieMellon (plaid) via @WoosterEdu (plaid) and @DuqHistory (no plaid). Wife and Dobermom x2. More of a dude than most dudes. Geek and loving it.

Laney Austin '11: @laneytrue

White girls politicking that's that Sarah Palin #thedream

Matthew Barbee '00: @matthewbarbee

Assistant Professor of English at Siena Heights (MI). Teach American Lit/Culture. Research race, masculinity in the US South. Fan of sloppy guitars, irony, yams, mint.

Davis Bates '10: @davisbates

New Media @jstreetdotorg, views my own. Political/IR junkie & Middle East specialist. KY Wildcats, @Arsenal, and DC Sports fan. Love Dogs, Banjos, and Bourbon.

Deron Boyd '08: @DeronB4

If you are looking for a person that their dream aren't bigger than themselves, then I'm not your guy! I aim for the stars, and I work hard to get there.

Amy Bozza '94: @AmyBozza

Mother of four, wife, teacher, writer, reader, dancer, hiker, and dreamer.

Debbie Starr Branfield '76: @dstarrb

Nonprofit professional, community volunteer, progressive thinker. I love my family, kids, travel, hiking, gardening, food, and the Buckeyes! All opinions are my own.

Jon Breitenbucher '92: @j_breitenbucher

Sometimes I'm a math professor and other times I'm an instructional technologist. However, I'm crazy all the time.

Chris Brown ’94: @chbrown03

Seasoned government relations and association management consultant by day; voracious reader, aviation junkie and Detroit Red Wings fan by night.

Dan Carter '02: @CoachDanCarter 

High School Football Coach

Book Chrobak '99: @ob216book 

Cleveland born and raised; now raising a family as an active old brooklyn community member. follow @run24book for my ultra running.

Laura Coker '82: @lauracoker58

Los Angeles mother of 2, Theatre Actress, and writer of plays, songs, and poetry.

Anna Courtney '08: @annaccourtney

Media Investor who enjoys fancy cocktails.

Susan Dalzell '97: @susandalzell

Professional writer and editor. Also, wife to a foodie, mother to a preschooler, and aspiring travel memoirist. Current Ohioan, former expat in England.

Rich Danch '89: @rdanch

PGA Professional & Head Men's Golf Coach at The College of Wooster. Married to Dr. Deb Esty, father to Colin Danch. Pick-up hoops junkie. COW & WGH alum

Eugene DePasquale '93: @DePasqualePA

Husband, Dad, owner of Shadow the Cat, sports fan & coach, P90X 1,+,2 & Insanity grad, attorney, & PA Auditor General.

David DiLuzio '94: @dawgs00

Just an ordinary average geek.

Miriam Esber '02: @MHC_Lax19

Head Lacrosse Coach and Lecturer in Physical Education, Mount Holyoke College

Kaitlyn Evans '10: @kaitlyn_e88

Christine Farrell '94: @crizfairale 

Just a girl...who likes theater, vodka, live music, Redskins, Olympics, Nationals, US Open, fantasy football, and running to name a few eclectic interests.

Kim Fox '06: @swimmykimy

Loves: My husband, swimming, running, cooking, New England Coastal style, seersucker, puppies & cupcakes!

Rick Drushal '07: @rdrushal 

Platform Architect with @SVDataScience

DJ Francis '00: @DJFrancis

VP, Content Strategy at Imagination Publishing. This account is personal though, so expect soccer, politics & comic books. (Marketing stuff: @MarketerBlog.)

Becky Davis Gardner '94: @bandir1

Beth Gaubatz '03: @MrsBethG

Mid-west Sweetheart, Mommy, Wife, School Psychologist & Fighting Scots Basketball Fan

Hannah Graff '06: @graffhm

Medical anthropologist & public health policy researcher. American-in-London. Swimmer & new triathlete. Views & opinions are my own.

Debbie Gutowski: @MrsG_Music

Music educator and singer in Cleveland, preparing to leave the land of the Rock Hall and Cleveland Orchestra for wine & apples in upstate New York.

Sid Hastings '86: @sjhastings

Photographer, editor, producer. Also, baseball, college basketball fan, native Midwesterner. Go Wooster Scots  – http://www.sidhastings.com/

Mark Herriott '93: @m_herriott

Fortyish super-taster and slightly OCD process control freak. Likes: libations, fixins, hockey, board games, snark.

Katie Heugel '12: @Lindy_Katie16

Trying to work my way into grad school for Speech Therapy, working, and being cool.

Carmen Hotvedt '00: @chotvedt

Challenger and fighter of sexism & homophobia::word puzzle doer::president of the cicada fan club::knitter::comix/tragix painter::far left of center

Jenny Hughes '97: @scoutliterary & 

@FC2Success Communications Manager. Handling press, social media & more. 

Jennie Jackson '96: @JennieJackson & @myhumanrevo

Headhunter Mom of 2 kids and a lovable but very bad dog.

Brandon Jacobs '11: @_brandonjacobs

College Guidance Counselor. Love higher education and helping others in anyway I can. S.W.A.G.Saved With Amazing Grace.

Naman Jain '14: @nj68k  

Indian in the US. Board Relations Intern at @AtlanticCouncil. Cricket fan. My tweets reflect my own opinion. RTs, Follows not endorsements.

Elaine Jansen '09: @ejansen09 

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. 
 -Dr. Seuss

Tony Kauke '98: @tony_kauke

Vice President, Gear @ZOZI. Dreamer, Runner, Coach. Lover of food, beer, travel, all things outdoors, and sports.

Pete Kenworthy '93: @petekenworthy 

A good day includes talk about news, sports, grammar and bacon. http://www.petekenworthy.com 

Matt King '00: @runjamm

Real life: lawyer at Frost Brown Todd (@FBT_law). Twitter life: Butler basketball, indie rock, Indianapolis.

Julia Klein '83: @juliahklein

Distribution entrepreneur – chbriggs.com

Kristen Knox '93: @booknaround

Reader, reviewer, runner, kiddie chauffeur.

Matt Kodner '12: @Kodner

Editorial Asst @Gameological and writes for @TheAVClub #KODSQUAD  – http://gameological.com/author/mattkodner/

Ken Krantz '74: @KeninWbg

History buff with the good fortune to live in Virginia's colonial capital. @WilliamandMary alum

Willem Lange '57: @willemlange

Born 1935; NMH School, College of Wooster; married since 1959; many interests – willemlange.com.

C. Laubenthal '05: @Phbob

Numbers guy. Proud father, husband, Wooster and OSU alumnus. Openly geeky in my pursuit of board games, sci-fi, and education. Oh, and the ph is silent.

Chris Ley '97: @leybowitz

Home of the Bicycle Forge. SOPWAMTOS. And I can build a bike for you too.

Jessie Maier '01: @jessiemaier

Marylander in Texas; Wife, step-mom, LPC, hobby collector; Skins & O's fan. Jeans & t-shirt kind of girl. Speaks quietly. Laughs loudly. Calm & carrying on.

Michael Mann '85: @TeleMiketing

Put Your Seat Belts On Because The Fun Has Just Begun! 

Marissa Marangoni: @EmAeEmEn

Pro photographer, nonprofit marketer, runner, triathlete, dog lover tweeting from Chicago, IL. Proud @WoosterAlumni changing the world one pic at a time.

Liz Farina Markel '02: @tippingptphoto

Pro photographer, nonprofit marketer, runner, triathlete, dog lover tweeting from Chicago, IL. Proud @WoosterAlumni changing the world one pic at a time.

Travis Marmon '14: @travismarmon

Mostly esoteric sports jokes. Sometimes I get articles published.

Mandy (King) Martin '97: @mandymartin488

Student affairs professional in Keene, NH. I love the Red Sox, country music, my daughter, and my pets! Thankful for the opportunities and people in my life.

Susan McGowan '95 @SelimaCat

I'm a software tester by day, travel blogger by night, a mom to two pirates, and I have redundant orange cats.

Laura McHugh '08: @mchughla

Digital Media/Marketing for @maanow. This space is for #foodpolitics, photos, and STEM. RTs are a legally binding agreement of mutual destruction. Did you read?

Patrick Midgley '07: @midgleypatrick

Actor for The American Shakespeare Center & Athlete--Simplicity, Humility, Compassion

Sam Mikell '10: @SAMikell

Studying history while making it.

CJ Mitchell '90: @cjmitch6

Lover of DMB, Cincinnati Bengals, Notre Dame & Ohio State Football, Duke Hoops, US Navy & my wife & family. Also follow me: @Daily_DMB

Michele (Hayward) Morgan '98: @GingerooBakery

Doesn't it look like Gingeroo (the retired Jack Russell) is barking 'Tweet!'?? I love to laugh!! est: Akron, OH, current: Middle TN

Taz Morgan '07: @tazamorgana

Moving image archivist/silent film enthusiast @

Allana Mortell '10: @lanbaby

Self-diagnosed eater tweeter and blogger at allanabytes. Social media nerd who'd rather be in Italy. Fan of 50 cent ice cream cones & a well-executed negroni.

Meret Nahas '10: @MNahas10

Foster lover, foodie and fashion blogger – merettoday.com

Matthew Neely '99: @matthewneely

Security researcher, penetration tester and host of the Security Justice Podcast.

Chuck Nusbaum '02: @cjntweets 

Cleveland proud; Ignatius & Wooster alum; Troop 176; Philfanatic; iPhone/iPad fanatic; Kindle lover; backpacker/nature fan; runner!

Sarah Palagyi '10: @PalagsCLE 

Marketing Professional. CWRU MBA. Wooster Statistic. Member of #columnandstripe. Oenophile. Zeta Phi Gamma. Views are my own & not my employer's.

Cynthia Panos Papp '86: @cindy4visalus

The 90 day challenge changed my life. I love tennis, music, science, life. I am in remission from stage four peritoneal cancer. I want to share my success!!!

Erika Poethig '93: @Erika_Poethig

Institute Fellow & Dir. Urban Policy Initiatives @urbaninstitute. Chicagoan in diaspora. @hudnews & @macfound alum. Tweets my own.

Jared Prestenbach '13: @JPrestenbach

Archaeologist, expert on the occult, and how does one say it? Obtainer of rare...wait, that's Indiana Jones. But the 1st bit is right: I am an archaeologist.

Meg Prichard '07: @prichardmg

Books, gadgets, politics, classics, and a giant mug of coffee.

Eddie Priesand '00: @epriesand 

Newport Beach, CA -- Irvine, CA -- Cleveland, OH -- Wooster, OH -- Beachwood, OH -- Sports, Music, Food & Drink, Movies, and the Beach (In no specific order)

Graham Rayman '88: @grahamrayman

Village Voice Staff Writer

John Rice '76: @komediagroup


Mike Riffee '80: @coachriff

Bryan Rodda '06: @bryan_in_dc

Transit, cities, baseball, small-college hoops, music, and bicycling. Not in any real order.

Katye McCullough Russell '91: @complikatyed

Reader, knitter, seamstress, carpenter, polymer artist, tech explorer, Googlegirl, mom, & MS English teacher -- hey, no wonder I'm so tired all the time!

Mike Ruttinger '05: @MJRuttinger

Attorney. Marathon Runner. Wooster Scot and Michigan Wolverine. Opinions are my own -- and probably not popular.

Darryl Sanders '88: @dsandsbsbl

Coach, sport lover, funny guy.

Kim Sayers '87: @KimberlySayers

Fearless Leader ~ as dubbed by my team a few years back. Trust & communication are key! Professional Development, Workforce Training & CE 

Carol Schadelbauer '84: @carolschads

Health and science communications strategist for nonprofits; mom of boys; wife; best friend; seeking good health and happiness.

Kennedy Schultz '91: @KennedySchultz2

Language educator, entrepreneur, and the only girl in the house. Except for the dog.

Jessica Schumacher '11: @the_jschumacher 

2011 College of Wooster grad now living and working at 50CAN in NYC.

Eric Scott ’97: @ericscottLA

Writer/Comedian in LA. Performs at UCB Theatre. 

Aneeb Sharif '10: @aneebsharif 

Supreme Court Poser, Happy Hour Believer, Union Supporter, Lahore Lover

Doug Sillars '98: @dougsillars

Mobile evangelist pushing for smarter, more efficient apps at AT&T. Work from home dad of 3. Lots of kids, dogs, cats, chickens here too. 

Justin Sloan '05: @HigherEdSloan

Hat-rack career in higher-ed, #AVGeek, & #D3Football Fanatic

Stephanie Smith '01: @smithsteph

Working in school PR and loving how social media is changing communication and the world as we know it.

Laurie Steiner '79: @lauriegs

I'm an Certified Elder Law Attorney, Life Care Planner, wife, mom and person.

Ashley Stockwell '12: @AshStockwell

#PR grad student @BallState. Account Executive @cardinalcomm. Graduate of @WoosterEdu. Tennis player. Adventurer. Wine & Cheese enthusiast. Sassy individual.

Andrew Thorp '86: @andythorp

Father of three teen boys. Loves #STL and helping children. ED of Miriam -the learning disability experts.

Thomas Van Cleef '83: @thomasvancleef

Shine On Solar and five search dogs inspire this serial entrepreneur. Have traveled to 32 countries accompanied by serious sense of humor, really no fooling.

Julie Vincentsen '98: @jvincentsen

MA Elementary Principal excited 2 learn from and share w/educators across the country and the world! Passionate about school culture, literacy and technology. 

Jason Weingardt '12: @jason_weingardt

Baseball obsessed, @WoosterEdu grad, nerd.

F. Scott Wilson '78: @ScotsFan78

Wooster sports fan, swim fan, occasional lawyer

Ben Wolski '96: @wolskiman 

ITTF table tennis coach, kinetic film-maker

Matthew Yannie '10: @mdyannie

Simple life, family man

Courtney Young '96: @librarycourtney

2013-2014 ALA President-elect, academic librarian (info lit, advising, tech, diversity), military brat, social butterfly, NFL fan, the total package