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David Gilliss
Class year: 1980
Blog: Alumni Board President's Blog
Blog URL:
I want to share with you what I see and hear when I am on campus, and I want to hear about your many and varied experiences as one of about 21,000 College of Wooster alumni. 

Amy (Lawrence) Bozza
Class year: 1994
Blog: My Real Life
Blog URL:
My Real Life is a blog about family life, parenting, and just about everything else that goes on in my life!

David Kordalski
Class year: 1977
Blog: Not-So-Plain Dealer
Blog URL: 
The Not-So-Plain features the work, wit and wisdom of The Plain Dealer's photographers, designers, illustrators and graphics artists — the best newspaper visuals team in the state (and one of the best in the country, if the Society for News Design awards are any indicator).  

Reed Domer-Shank
Class year: 2005
Blog URL -
JOURNEYMEN began as a tribute blog to our lovable, losing sports teams in Ohio. It's since morphed into a home for commentary on TV, pop culture, and some of my more ridiculous stories (while still touching on sports just enough). After one year we're nearing 10,000 views, and some of our most dedicated readers are Wooster alums! 

Elizabeth StrieglElizabeth Striegl
Class year: 2012
Blog: Succulent Single and Sassy Eats
Blog URL: &!/SucculentSingleAndSassyEats
A cooking/recipe blog especially for those living alone or cooking on a budget 

Susan SentevskiSusan Sentevski
Class year: 2008
Blog: The Lazy Suzan
Blog URL:
Viewing the recipes on this site may result in extreme hunger. Symptoms include drooling on your keyboard and tummy grumbles. There is only one cure: found in each post are the instructions to make the dish that will relieve the symptoms. 

Lee Joanne CollinsLee Joanne Collins (name at Wooster was Lee Joanne Marcus)
Class year: 1956
Blog: I Used to Think

Blog URL:
I blog about thinking, writing, life and history, especially mid-twentieth century, and introduce my debut novel TOO MUCH LEFT UNSAID.




 Nora Byrne Armstrong

 Class year: 2012

 Blog: Model Ingenuities


 Excerpts from my experiences as an Art Model, Arts Journalist, and vagrant. 


Doug Fowler

Class Year: 1991


Take the Spiritual Lead

I explain how young people- and anyone- can step up and be the spiritual leader in a home where there is none, using 2 Kings 4 and the story of the Shunammite woman as a backdrop.

A Call to Revive this Nation Through Prayer

I encourage people to unite and pray for America.

Greater Canton Youthquake's Quest for Truth

I blog about the need for repentance revival like in prayercallamerica above, but more of an emphasis on our specific ministry I am a part of, and things pertaining to it, sinc this is our ministry's radio show blog. 

Blogging Through the Bible- Genesis

I blog through the first 10 Chapters of Genesis in a Bible commentary style blog.

 A Blog to the Child I Would Have Adopted

I went forward in faith and began to prepare for adoption despite very low funds, as things turned out I believe God would have let me have a child but he or she died before I could adopt; this is a series of open notes to that child which hopefully will inspire others.