APEX Endowment

The value of a Wooster liberal arts education is demonstrable and cherished by our alumni, but we owe it to our students to do more: to help them translate their undergraduate experience into a successful trajectory beyond graduation. That is why one of the College’s strategic academic priorities is to build upon Independent Study (I.S.) and Wooster’s strong student-faculty and student-staff relationships to create an integrated program in advising, planning, and experiential learning – called APEX – to help students develop a clearer sense of purpose as they choose their courses, prepare for I.S., and plan their post-graduation careers. APEX opened in August 2012 and is located in the Gault Library for Independent Learning.

“What we are building,” says President Grant Cornwell, “is an educationally and organizationally compelling way to integrate how we go about advising our students, encouraging them to be intentional about their planning, while also providing a host of well-coordinated opportunities for experiential learning, for putting their ideas at work in the world, through internships, research opportunities, entrepreneurship opportunities, and other ways of learning by doing.”

APEX integrates and coordinates the resources and activities that help students develop intentional educational plans and thoughtful career paths. It complements our one-to-one faculty advising system by providing a centralized location for programs and resources. By combining the offices of Academic Advising, the Learning Center, the Registrar, Experiential Learning, Entrepreneurship, and Career Planning, APEX fosters the cultivation of self-reflective and intentional learning throughout our students’ four years at Wooster and prepares them to be lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.  

APEX Endowment 

One of the goals of APEX is to enable students to translate their liberal arts education at Wooster to life after college through experiential learning programs that foster the integration of theory and practice.  As part of their 50th anniversary celebration in June 2012, the Class of 1962 provided the seed money for an Endowment for APEX.  This gift is the first step toward the creation of a $5 million endowed fund that will support internships, experiential learning opportunities, research appointments, and other career discernment opportunities. Income from this endowment will allow Wooster students to say “yes” to internship, entrepreneurship or research opportunities that they currently have to decline for financial reasons.  

President Cornwell views this endowment as an “applied scholarship” that, as it grows, will allow students to put their ideas to work in the world and practice the translations of their learning into practical application.  Additional support of the APEX Endowment will provide opportunities for students to become more passionately engaged in their education and to make more informed and intentional academic, professional, and personal choices during their four years at Wooster and beyond.     

For more information, contact development@wooster.edu