Endowed Scholarships

A strong endowment is essential for The College of Wooster’s continued strength and health. The permanent provision that an endowment provides ensures that the College’s mission will be fulfilled and that generations of students will benefit from a Wooster education in perpetuity.   

Wooster admits students without regard for financial need, and we offer all the aid we can to every eligible applicant. Currently, more than 75% of Wooster students receive financial assistance, and over $42 million of this aid takes the form of merit and need-based scholarships and grants that are offered to students without repayment obligations.

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, parents, and friends, Wooster currently has 585 need-based endowed scholarship funds that are invested with the College’s endowment. Each year a portion of the distribution from each fund is paid out to support one or more students depending on the size and scope of the scholarship. However, of the $42 million in aid that Wooster provides each year, only $7 million comes from these endowed funds. The remaining aid comes from the College’s annual operating budget. 

A gift of $1,000,000 or more will create a distinguished scholarship endowment, which will yield approximately $50,000 in significant need-based scholarship support each year. Students who receive this scholarship will be referred to as the named fund’s Distinguished Scholar, and will have the opportunity, if eligible, to receive the distinguished scholarship throughout their undergraduate years.   

A gift of $50,000 or more would establish a permanently endowed named scholarship, which could initially provide approximately $2,500 in annual support to a student with financial need. This scholarship can be unrestricted or be designated for a student with a specific major or from a particular geographic region.

A gift of any amount can also be designated to The College of Wooster’s permanently endowed General Scholarship Fund. These gifts would be added to the principal of the endowment and provide annual scholarship support to students who are in good standing and have demonstrated financial need.  

Endowed scholarship gifts – whether given to establish a named fund or to enhance an existing fund – will help fulfill the promise of a quality Wooster education for students now and for generations to come.    

For more information, contact development@wooster.edu.