I.S. Monday 2012 


The Pantiles Black Dog Bar

The Tollygunge Club

19:00 to 21:00

120 Deshapran Sasmal Road

Kolkata-700 033 India

Telephone: (91-33) 2417 6022; 2472 8754/8755; 2473-2316



Meet at 8 p.m.

199 sphere mall 4th floor

Linking Road, Bandra West

Telephone: 002 42760000

We look forward to seeing you in India!

To register for the Happy Hour please go back to the I.S. Monday homepage and click on registration. 
Thank you to Amit Tibrewal '90, Arvinder Singh '91, and Gitika Mohta '10 for their assistance with this event.

Please contact Sarah Ciriegio '11 at sciriegio@wooster.edu or 330.263.2676 if you have any questions.