Senior Class Activities

Date  Event   Location  Details 
October 23  Senior Night  The Underground  First 250 seniors get a collectable pub glass. Drink specials and free pizza! 
October 30  Nominations Due  Gault Alumni Center  Class Officer nomination/petition forms are due by 5:00pm to the Gault Alumni Center. 
November 5-6  Elections  Online-Select Survey  Vote for your class president and secretaries who will serve until your 5th reunion. 
February  Senior Dinner  Kittredge Dining Hall  Join Wooster alums for a celebration of the class and an insight on dining etiquette. 
March 24  I.S. Monday  All Campus and Beyond  Pat yourself on the back and celebrate with Wooster alumni in over 20 cities worldwide! 
May 9-12  Senior Weekend  Wooster  Experience Wooster one last time as an undergrad. Transportation provided for most activities. 
May 12  Commencement  The Oak Grove  Present your class gift to President Cornwell and take pride in being a Wooster Alum! 

Senior Class Officers

Senior Class Officers (one president and two secretaries) are nominated and voted on by the graduating class. Class Officers are invited to join the Senior Class Committee and are mainly responsible for post-graduation activities. Responsibilities include Alumni Weekend reunion planning, keeping the class engaged and informed and submitting class notes to the Wooster Magazine

Interested students should print and complete the nomination forms and return to the Gault Alumni Center by 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 30th.

Senior Class Committee

Members of the Senior Class Committee act as representatives for their class. The goals of the Committee are to establish a sense of class unity and philanthropy, as well as raise participation for The Senior Wooster Fund. 

The 2014 Senior Class Committee includes:

Antwan Chambers
Steve Schott
Sara Tebeau
Gina Christo
Raphael Gunn
Martha Oster-Beal
Alex Dereix
Bria Price
Jordan McNickle
Matt Stouffer
Zoe Zwegat

Things To Do Before Graduation!

  • Decorate your I.S. Carrell
  • First meeting with advisor
  • Attend a Senior Happy Hour
  • Collect all 3 Senior Class Pub Glasses
  • Endless nights in the library
  • Vote for 2014 Officers
  • Have picture taken for the yearbook
  • Frequent trips to Mom's  
  • Celebrate National Philanthropy Day
  • Exam study break for S'mores in Lowry Pit
  • Attend Senior Dinner
  • Write a thank you note for Thank-A-Donor Day
  • Get your button and Tootsie Roll
  • I.S. Monday
  • Give to The Senior Wooster Fund
  • Attend donor brunch
  • Senior Weekend festivities
  • .... GRADUATE!